How to do a resume

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The specificity of the work on jurisprudence is that the basis for studying almost any subject is documents. Its important to be able to work with documents correctly, to analyze them.

Stages of work on the coursework include:

The choice of research topics. The choice of topic should be based on the personal preferences of the author of the work and the requirements for the relevance of the topic. You must not choose a topic that is very poorly reflected in sources, too narrow or too broad a topic. Most often, the topic for a term paper is proposed by the department.

Drawing up a work plan. It is required to make a schedule – the allocation of stages for writing work allows you to correctly allocate time to work.

Search for sources by topic, literature publications. There are many ways to search for data: the Internet, a library, specialized funds, archives. The main thing is to choose the right keywords to find the necessary information.

This requires an analytical consideration of all positions of the literature, highlighting the main provisions and ideas. Depending on the topic, the list may include laws, regulations, critical articles and monographs regarding laws passed in a particular area.

Drawing up a theoretical section of the work. Writing theoreticaldata on the topic: the presentation is conducted in a scientific language, using the necessary terminology, logically and consistently.

The formulation of the practical part, recommendations. It is carried out if necessary, as a result of the analysis of the theory on this topic.

Writing based on the tasks set in the work. The main rule in writing conclusions is the correspondence of the conclusions set in the introduction to the tasks and purpose of the work. The inconsistency of these positions is considered a gross error and can cause problems during pre-defense.

Registration of work and bibliography.

It is carried out according to the standards . Standards are unified, but often change, so you should carefully consider the features of design. Even the best work can spoil the mistakes in the design.

Presentation of the work of the supervisor and making changes.

Writing resume the text of the report to protect the work. The report is an important part of the successful defense of a term paper. It is necessary to indicate the relevance of the topic, object and subject, tasks, purpose, main provisions of the work and resume. It is recommended to accompany the work with handouts.

The defense of the course project before the commission. The defense lasts for 10-15 minutes – this is the time allotted for the student’s report. Next are the commission questions.