How many pages should a resume be

In programming, the term “teapots” is used. This means for newbies. In the fourth year of higher education begin writing term papers. Before this, students practiced writing essays. In fact, the exchange rate is the same essay, only more voluminous. The theme of the course work is better to choose in advance. The most popular topics are taken apart right away. More complex ones remain for later.

Students who work and study at the same time are difficult for them to write and work at the same time. Students who do not understand what they are learning about or do not want to learn are also looking for ways to solve their problems.

There are many ways to solve:

write yourself, while you need to spend a lot of time and effort;

ask to write your fellow student in exchange for a small cash reward, not the fact that you will get a good mark at the same time;

ask to write relatives, there is also no chance of an excellent assessment;

contact specialized firms, while there is no guarantee that the experts will write their own business;

refer to sites that specialize writing term papers, dissertations. Here, experts from all countries will help to perform the “unbearable” task, for a fee.

At the beginning, the student is confronted with the thought: “How much is a term paper.”

The monetary assessment of the completed task depends on:

from specialization, highly specialized topics are several times more expensive;

from the time of writing – the shorter the term, the more expensive the work;

from the specialist who performed this task – the student takes cheaper, the professor – more expensive;

from the promoted site – the more customers and more positive reviews, the more expensive and better the work.

In order to get an excellent assessment in the insert of the diploma of your beloved university, it is worth paying more and getting a decent result.

Stages of writing a course assignment by third-party companies via the Internet sites:

site selection on the Internet;

coordination of the topic and plan work with the teacher;

coordination on the site of the deadlines for the work, cost and performer;

the conclusion of the contract;


obtaining the result of the course work and making the final payment for the work;

in case of disagreement with the teacher of the assignment, all improvements are performed free of charge.

Every student knows that when ordering via the Internet you can save. When re-order discount. Choose how to do the work and the artist – only you. Therefore, before you make an order, think carefully and evaluate your capabilities.

What to put on a resume

How to find specific sources for a diploma, coursework: illustrations, documents

The sources are:

Material sources;

Behavioral sources;

Audio sources;

Graphic sources;

Verbal sources;

Conventional sources.

For each topic, depending on the discipline, you can find different sources. Search depends on the purpose and objectives of the study. What could be the source for writing papers in different disciplines?


Illustrations, schemes, photographs, maps, documents, graphics, material monuments found during excavations by archaeologists, architectural monuments, video and audio recordings, sources collected during the ethnographic expedition


Texts of laws, acts of different periods of history

Exact sciences

Real sources, theories and formulas


Independent research data, statistics, illustrations, charts, photos

How to search for sources?

By keywords on the Internet or in the library.

With the help of the archive, if we are talking about history.

Assemble independently during the expedition.

In periodicals.

In collections of photographs, audio recordings.

Sources should be characterized by: representativeness, completeness, scientific accuracy, accuracy, clarity.

Not always sources can be easily found, even on the Internet or with the help of a supervisor. In such a situation, you can create sources yourself. This is true for psychology, history, ethnography, marketing, the exact sciences. Through experiments and other studies, you can obtain data that will become the basis for working on the thesis topic.

Conducted in order to obtain an independent opinion of persons of a certain gender, age or occupation. To do this, it is necessary to develop a questionnaire, to conduct a study of the environments of a certain circle of persons. On the basis of the study, a conclusion is made regarding the problem posed in the work.

An experiment is a research method that must be carefully planned. It is conducted on the basis of the theme and objectives of the thesis. There are reference data with which to compare the experimental data. The implementation of this method is relevant in the exact sciences, psychology, biology.

Field studies are characteristic of geology, archeology, ethnography. In the course of participation in the works, the author of the diploma is looking for information that will help him display the topic of scientific research.

Observations are relevant in biology, psychology. The objectives may be the identification of patterns, characteristics, features. The researcher must regularly observe the same action, process, to draw conclusions on the basis of which it is possible to build work.

Modeling is the process of transferring a theory to reality by creating an artificial object with the necessary properties. They distinguish computer, sign, mathematical, subject modeling.

How to do a resume

The specificity of the work on jurisprudence is that the basis for studying almost any subject is documents. Its important to be able to work with documents correctly, to analyze them.

Stages of work on the coursework include:

The choice of research topics. The choice of topic should be based on the personal preferences of the author of the work and the requirements for the relevance of the topic. You must not choose a topic that is very poorly reflected in sources, too narrow or too broad a topic. Most often, the topic for a term paper is proposed by the department.

Drawing up a work plan. It is required to make a schedule – the allocation of stages for writing work allows you to correctly allocate time to work.

Search for sources by topic, literature publications. There are many ways to search for data: the Internet, a library, specialized funds, archives. The main thing is to choose the right keywords to find the necessary information.

This requires an analytical consideration of all positions of the literature, highlighting the main provisions and ideas. Depending on the topic, the list may include laws, regulations, critical articles and monographs regarding laws passed in a particular area.

Drawing up a theoretical section of the work. Writing theoreticaldata on the topic: the presentation is conducted in a scientific language, using the necessary terminology, logically and consistently.

The formulation of the practical part, recommendations. It is carried out if necessary, as a result of the analysis of the theory on this topic.

Writing based on the tasks set in the work. The main rule in writing conclusions is the correspondence of the conclusions set in the introduction to the tasks and purpose of the work. The inconsistency of these positions is considered a gross error and can cause problems during pre-defense.

Registration of work and bibliography.

It is carried out according to the standards . Standards are unified, but often change, so you should carefully consider the features of design. Even the best work can spoil the mistakes in the design.

Presentation of the work of the supervisor and making changes.

Writing resume the text of the report to protect the work. The report is an important part of the successful defense of a term paper. It is necessary to indicate the relevance of the topic, object and subject, tasks, purpose, main provisions of the work and resume. It is recommended to accompany the work with handouts.

The defense of the course project before the commission. The defense lasts for 10-15 minutes – this is the time allotted for the student’s report. Next are the commission questions.

How to build a resume

All further work is the cleansing of the text, giving it a uniformity and brevity of presentation. Some of the materials will certainly disappear as they fall out of context with your plan. Some of the materials will have to be slightly reformulated, add logical transitions, connecting sentences. At the end of this important business, you can write an Introduction, or an Introduction: for what you actually wrote all this, what goals were pursued, what is the relevance of this scientific work.

I will say right away that the relevance of such work is approximately the following: for three years or so, it will be stored in the archives of the university, and then it will end up in waste paper or just in the trash can. So it is not necessary to portray something special and claim to be fundamental, which will revolutionize scientific thought. A text page on how all this is terribly important and extremely relevant will be quite enough.

It seems to be done. It remains to bring gloss. Do not use washing powder. All sorts of footers, quotes, pagination, margins, indents, etc., without which scientific work can absolutely not be scientific. I am afraid that Fermat’s proof of the theorem, written on a piece of paper, or in the margins of a book, would not be considered by anyone. Indenting is wrong, there are no references to primary sources. The list of used literature is not given. Numbering is absent. No scientific value, in short.

And finally – to issue a title page, where the hero of this remarkable scientific work, and some attributes that are inherent in him, will be registered in black and white. In what university he studies, in what year and in the city he wrote all this, on what course he studies. If you have ever collected a puzzle, then, of course, you will find out how similar these classes are: picking up a puzzle and writing coursework and essays on the speed method.

How to create a resume

In the resume of such work, that is, when material that has been dumped into one text pile, is gradually structured and classified, you have a mature plan, which you should write down right there, not postponing it for later. It is best to do this at the very beginning of the page, so that later not to collect individual fragments throughout the text. Thus, your plan gradually matures, which, by the way, is also better not to verify, that is, not to wrestle with your head – this is an appropriate aspect or chapter for your work, or unnecessary. Stuff everything! So, the texts that you gradually bring in some uniformity help you decide on the plan, and the plan, in turn, begins to regulate your further operations with the text. It is very convenient, because it turns out that the essay, coursework or diploma are written by themselves, with not very pronounced your participation. The available material itself structures your work and organizes the flows in the right direction.

In the resume of the action, you can also create a separate document in which you will add the necessary references to the literature, to collect a list of used literature. This is very convenient for several reasons: on the one hand, you don’t have to remember later where and whom you quoted, on the other hand, another important element of the work is created during the play, which the instructors watch carefully, and on the third there is always a list for the simplest operation, called copy / paste. That is, in the right places you add links to sources, and this will be quick and easy.

While manipulating text fragments, it is fairly easy to turn elements of text into either quotations or your own thoughts. Real quotes can be immediately tagged (put a link to the author). Long quotes can be “cut”, that is, a quotation of any length you forcibly break up with quotes in any desired place where the end of the quotation is marked with a reference to the source, and the remaining fragment is then assumed as your own thoughts. For ultimate confidence in your own infallibility, you can change a few words in a paragraph, make complex sentences simple.